Three Ways To Turn Your Self-Improvement Desire Into Reality

By John Drake | Self-Improvement

Mar 23

How many times have we told ourselves we are going to be more organized and productive from now on, or that we are going to start a diet tomorrow? In most cases, people lack motivation, or they are afraid of changes. We usually give in to temptations, which is often followed by guilt and giving up. The failure happens to best of us, and it shouldn’t discourage from moving forward. But, if you have a strong desire and you want to succeed with these intentions, then we have a couple of advice that can help you. Here are some simple steps to beat temptations and inertia.

Get moving – start with small steps

Inertia can only be beaten by the movement. Once you get moving, momentum builds up, and inertia is no longer a significant factor in your life. So, the essential thing is to get started, and it doesn’t matter what you try to do. You can either walk, go to a gym, go running. But, every time you feel hopeless you should get moving, get out of the house and stay motivated. It’s all about baby steps, and once you make an initial step, you are golden.

Ignore failure

We always give in to temptations. No one is perfect, and even the strongest of us make mistakes. But, before it happens, plan for it, accept it and move on. The most important thing is to stay motivated and never to beat yourself up. Every time something terrible happens, surround yourself with cheerful and positive people, they will help you overcome this condition and help you accept your mistakes. Failure occurs and it’s up to you how will you overcome it and how will you keep your motivation in check.

Set small achievable goals

Keep in mind that inertia is a dominant force. So, if you have been passive for a couple of months, then it’s hard to get started again. You are used to the way things are, and even if you want to change things, it’s challenging to start. In this case, begin with small things and don’t try to conquer the world. It’s simple, say, “I’m going to walk for five minutes,” instead of “I’m going to walk for 45 minutes”. Set up goals that are realistic and achievable. This is one of the best ways to beat up inertia and turn over your life.

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