Hi, my name John Drake and welcome to my blog. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of living in better and more righteous world. Considering the circumstances, the human’s nature has changed and also the world with it. The more developed we become, the shallower we are. Nowadays, with the assistance of technology we can find about various things, meet different kind of people and their cultures and improve our social skills. But, somehow, we neglected all the benefits, and while we are open in the virtual world, we are more closed and withdrawn in the real one.

The purpose of my blog will be promoting the real values and increasing the awareness among people. One individual can’t do much, but if we unite, then we have the power to change the world. I will be talking about a various topic, and you are more than welcome to join any discussion. Together we can shape the environment we live in and make it better for the future generations. If you have any suggestions for me, then I am more than happy to hear them out. My pictured my blog as a place where people can freely express their opinion, which will provide me insight on future topics.

We want to work together to improve our society and make it less stressful and demanding. Who says we have to live up to certain norms and requirements? As long as we are not harming anyone, we can shape our lives the way we like it.